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November 7, 2009
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        Zim stepped out of his house and into the frigid air, wearing his usual uniform. He hated earth winters, they were cold and made all the humans sniffly.

        The alien's uniform was extremely thin and did nothing to block out the chill. Which is probably why he was so cold, but he'd never stoop so low as to buy a human coat. His race however had never heard of a coat before since it was always warm on his planet, so he went without anything to block out the elements. He refused to wraps his arms around himself, this would show that he was cold, and that would be a weakness. The irken walked down the sidewalk, occasionally slipping on a patch of ice or two before regaining his balance.

         Dib stepped out of his own home, wrapped up in his warm trench coat. He didn't much like winters either, they were cold and he hated getting sick.

         The human rubbed his gloved hands together as he walked down his front steps. After making it down the steps safely he raised his head to look up and down the sidewalk, then spotted the alien walking erect, though he could tell the irken was cold by the way his entire body shook. "That alien's gonna get himself killed." He mumbled to himself as he made his way down his walkway to the freezing alien.

        Zim had taken to watching his footing so he didn't fall and hadn't noticed it when the human had stopped in front of him, and he ran right into dib's chest. He fell backwards and onto his butt, raising his head to look up at the person blocking his path. "D-d-d-d-dib?" The alien stuttered, his teeth clacking together; he still refused to wrap his arms around himself. The human simply shook his head before leaning down and picking the alien up. "H-he-hey!" The alien exclaimed in shock, flailing his numb arms weakly, "P-p-p-put me down!" He yelped. Dib opened up his trench coat and tucked the frozen alien up against his chest before closing the trench coat up partway again.

        "What are you trying to do, kill yourself?" He asked while peaking into the trench coat at Zim. The alien had gone completely stiff, though the warmness of Dib's chest caused him to cuddle up to it. He wasn't exactly himself seeing as he had almost gotten frost bite. The human shook his head and continued walking towards the school.

        "Hey, Dib?" Zim asked about halfway to the school, his disguisied eyes looking up at the boy.

        "Yes, Zim?" The human asked, looking down at the irken blankly. The alien snaked one of his hands out of the trench coat to hook around Dib's neck as he leaned up, planting a soft kiss on the boy's lips.

        "Thanks." The irken whispered.
Just something that popped into my head, I would have made it a comic if I could draw x]
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