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Submitted on
November 9, 2009
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        The new kid; no matter where you were from, or what grade you were in you always heard about them. They were always the main topic, even at the Hi Skool. Dib however did not participate in the usual gossip; he simply sat in the corner of the cafeteria deep in a book labeled "How to catch a ghost." He was an outcast so of course nobody talked to him and he was left in peace. The teen pushed his glasses higher up on his nose, better adjusting the lenses for reading; he wore a long black trench coat with several pockets and zippers on it that had no real purpose, his pants were long black skinny jeans, and upon his feet were a pair of black combat boots. The boy's hair was rather unusual; it stood on end atop his head curving in a sort of scythe like fashion while the back of his head was shaved, though if that wasn't weird enough, a deep blue streak ran through the center of it, matching the shade of his shirt almost to perfection.

        The bell rang loudly causing the odd boy to jump at least a foot in the air before he came back to reality, and he embarrassedly tucked the book into his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. He waited a few seconds before exiting the cafeteria, allowing the larger crowd of "normal" students to leave. I guess you could say that he hated the "normal" students; they mocked him and called him crazy daily, though he endured it. The teen was so deep in thought that he didn't notice a small green blur rushing out of one of the nearby doorways and they both collided, landing flat on their backs and books spilled everywhere.

        "Ow." The other student mumbled as he sat up, patting his head to make sure their hair was alright.

        "Sorry." Dib mumbled as he sat up, rubbing at the back of his head a bit dazedly. Then he got a good look at the other student, their skin was completely green and there didn't seem to be a nose on their face. Their black hair came down in a somewhat emo style, covering the sides of their head and their left eye. The teen let his gaze travel down the strange body to find that a pink and black striped long sleeve shirt hung around their skinny form followed by black skinny jean pants and what looked like a pair of pointy boots.

        "It's alright." The other teen said, snapping Dib out of his stupor, "happens to me all the time." He continued reaching out to gather his books up again.

        "Y-You're green." Dib said, mentioning the obvious. The green teenager paused in his picking up his books, giving out a loud sigh.

        "Yes, I am green. I have a rare skin condition." He said, before going back to picking up books.

        "Oh." Dib whispered apologetically, then grabbed a book that was out of the other's grasp. He handed the book to the other boy. "I'm guessing you're the new student." He said before standing up.

        "Yeah." The teen replied, as he stood up with the small mound of books.

        "Well…I'm Dib." He said awkwardly, sticking his hand out. The other teen looked at his hand curiously.

        "I'm Zim." The other boy replied, shifting the small mound of books to his left arm while he extended his right hand. They shook hands and an awkward silence started.

        "Well, I have to go to biology." They both said in unison, then blinked looking at the other in confusion just as the late bell rang.

        "Uh, I don't know where the classroom is." Zim said softly as he looked at his feet embarrassedly, which was hard to do with a bunch of books in the way. "I guess I'm lucky that you have the same class then." He finished, looking up once more. Dib laughed softly shaking his head.

        "Come on then, I'll show you the way." He said, then turned and headed towards his biology class, hearing Zim shuffling behind him.
The first chapter to my latest ZaDr story.
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