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March 30, 2010
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        With that decision Zim danced his way through the crowd and towards the utterly confused human. There were no words to describe how messed up Zim was at this point; he was seeing floating pandas and everything was really bright and colorful to him. He stumbled over someone else's feet, and fell on his stomach in front of someone. He giggled when he realized it was the Dib who had been so lucky as to have him fall in front of him, and he latched onto his leg.

        "Hiiiiiii, hyuuuuman. I missed yoooooooou." He said, nuzzling his cheek against the other's boot.

        "Zim?" Dib asked, glancing down at the alien confusedly. The irken was overly happy and seemed to be disoriented, he was also not wearing his disguise which both confused and frightened the human for some reason. What the heck was wrong with him? He bent down and picked the alien up by his shoulders, standing him up. "Are you alright?" he asked more out of curiosity than worry.

        "Yeaaaah. Gir just gave me some candy thas'all." The alien said between half giggles, leaning against the human happily.

        "Candy?" Dib asked, his right eyebrow arching a bit in confusion. The alien didn't look like he'd had just any candy. He felt like he should get the irken out of the house and take him home until whatever he had consumed wore off, but with the alien in this condition Dib didn't know how he'd take the alien home. "Uh, Zim. Do you want to go to my place...I have some snacks there." He said, holding the alien at arms length so he wouldn't be leaned against.

        "Snacks?" The alien asked, his eyes widening. He looked like he was about to receive a gift from god. "I….love snacks." He continued, a wide smile breaking out over his features.

        "Well..uh…we have to go to my house to get them." The human replied, pulling off his trench coat. He placed it over the alien's head because it would hide his true identity and keep him from running around. When he was sure the trench coat was stuck securely to the alien's head he sighed tugging said alien out the door.

        "But the party is inside." The alien whined when he heard the door shut behind them.

        "You want those snacks right?" Dib asked, pulling the alien to the sidewalk and in the direction of his house.

        "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah." The irken said stumbling his way in front of the human where he began giggling and batting at imaginary butterflies.

        Dib sighed, placing his palm to his forehead. He was not going to get to his house without other humans staring at them weirdly…well that was the least of his worries. The worst was if a cop showed up and saw Zim acting like this. With that thought he glanced around nervously to see the alien hugging a tree, it was miraculous the alien hadn't run out into the street seeing as his eyes were covered. "Zim my house is this way!" He yelled, grabbing the alien's arm to lead him in the right direction.

        The irken giggled waving in the complete opposite direction of the tree he'd been hugging and said "Bye bye Mrs. Flaberflugin."

        The human sighed, this was going to be an extremely long walk.
Lol, yes Zim is high off of ecstacy (if you guys didn't already get that) :iconfriwl: got me inspired again..but this time it didn't involve a plastic scythe.
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Bye mrs flaberflugin :3 Bye 
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Bwahahaaaaa, "Bye Mrs. Flaberflugin..." xD
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