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January 24, 2010
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        Tallest Purple lounged on his usual chair staring boredly at the ceiling. "Why is being tallest suddenly so boring, Red?" He asked the other tallest, who was currently hovering next to the control panel.

        Tallest Red tapped at his lower lip with a claw as he thought. He couldn't think of anything, usually being tallest was exciting but today just turned out to be slow. "Maybe we're not torturing the shorters enough." He said finally after a long pause.

        "Nah, we've done that today but it's just not fun anymore." Purple grumbled rolling to his side to look at Red. "But something's missing…did we run maintenance on the massive?" he asked, his left "eyebrow" raising.

        "Yes, we did." Red sighed leaning against the nearby wall out of boredom. "Something IS missing, but I don't know what." The first in command tapped at his chin a moment then let out an exasperated sigh tugging at his antennae. "Why can't I remember?!"

        Purple stood from his chair gliding over to the other tallest. "Don't do that Red." He said, stroking a claw up one of the other's antennae. "You might hurt yourself. Plus you'll probably remember soon anyway."

        Tallest Red lowered his claws letting out a soft purr as the antenna receiving attention twitched. He loved it when Purple did that, it always calmed him down when he was throwing a tantrum…that is unless it was Zim related. Red's eyes flew open and both of his antennae perked up immediately. "I remembered what's missing!" He yelled happily.

        "And what would that be?" Tallest Purple asked his claw lowering down to Red's shoulder.

        Red didn't answer, he simply hovered over to the control panel grinning evily as he typed in the number. "Let's have a little fun with Zim, just play along."

        Purple soon followed sporting an evil grin of his own.

        It was around midnight on a certain dirt-ball planet and everyone on the dark side of the planet was asleep; everyone except Zim that is. The irken sat in his lower base tapping his claws against a lab table covered in assorted chemicals. He was trying to make a new substance that when added to water made it non-toxic for his kind.

        "Incoming transmission." His computer voiced in a bored tone, the screen lighting up with the invader logo.

        "Computer, state where the transmission is coming from." Zim replied standing up straight as he approached the screen.

        "Transmission's source is The Massive." The computer said simply.

        Zim's eyes widened and he quickly answered the call manually, bowing down respectfully when Red and Purple came on the screen. "What a pleasant surprise, My Tallests." He said as he straightened once more.

        "You didn't submit your mission progress today, Zim." Red replied, looking down at the smaller irken accusingly.

        "I-I apologize my tallests." Zim replied quickly, bowing once more.

        "But, that's quite alright because as of now you have a new mission." Purple cut in, holding back convulsive giggles.

        "M-My tallest?" Zim asked confusedly as he stood up straight once more.

        "Until you can collect a pince of human reproductive joos your invading mission is suspended." Purple said as calmly as he could, and Red almost lost it, covering his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing.

        "B-But." Zim yelped his eyes widening. How would he get such a thing as human reproductive joos?!

        "No buts Zim." Red said after he was done with his mini giggle fit.

        "Yes my tallest." Zim replied, his antennae going limp against his skull as the transmission was cut.
Okay a pince is a measurement I made up it's approximatly 1 1/2 cups x]

You may now commence with your "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU KIA?!" Comments ^.^

I do not own invader zim characters that's jhonen's job.


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LOL the tallest are so mean. If this is going were i think it's going then poor Dib
Kiatonasy Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011
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wait isn't the 'massive' called the armota? i really dunno how to spell that!
Kiatonasy Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
The Armada, and that's the fleet that travels with the Massive
RubyisQween Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Student Interface Designer
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Kiatonasy Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
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