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June 20, 2010
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"What is it?" A large purple alien with tentacles asked as it peeked through the bars of a certain scythe haired teen's cage.

"It's a human, a very rare find nowadays...which means it's far more than you can afford." The salesman said, shooing the poor alien away with his claw like hands.

This was how it was every day, the human was packed up in his cage and set out like an item to be bought and people who noticed him were always too poor to buy him. The human had used to struggle and scream at the salesman in a strange language that nobody in their right minds knew, but after a couple of beatings he'd been silenced and he now obediantly sat in his cage cross legged, not even bothering to look up from his lap. Most would believe he was dead were it not for the calm rise and fall of his chest and occasional sick cough that escaped him. He was clothed in the skinny jeans he had been found in years ago and they were stained, ripped, and much to small for him.

"Well, how much is he?" A voice said that had the human slowly raising his golden brown hues, though his right eye was clouded in a way that could only mean that it was blind.

The salesman let out a gasp and he bowed his head, "My tallest," He said respectfully before raising his head to reply to the leader's question, "He is free for someone of your ranking."

"That is not necessary, please do allow me to pay for him in full price." The black clad tallest replied before pulling out a large bag of money and dropping it in front of the salesman. He then walked over to the cage and smiled wickedly at the occupant, "Hello there Dib-beast." He said in english.

"Fuck off space-boy." The teen replied angrily, though his voice cracked mid sentence from misuse, of all the people who could have bought had to be his sworn enemy.

"You speak his language?" The salesman asked as he picked up the bag of money and tucked it under his arm.

"Of course I do, why would I buy something I could not understand" The tallest asked in the alien language that Dib still couldn't understand, never taking his eyes from the human he now owned. "You do know this human is damaged right?" Zim finally asked as he glanced over to the salesman.

The salesman paused in the gathering of his possessions, with the money he'd just received he'd never have to work another day in his life. "No..I was not aware." He replied cautiously, he of course HAD known seeing as he was the one who had damaged the merchandise but he hoped he could get away with it.

"Well he is, he can't see out of his right eye..." The black clad tallest said, with his medical equipment he could easily fix it, but he just liked frightening people with his power. It was entertaining to him.

"Since I'm oh so damaged why the fuck are you buying me?" The teen asked before standing up and taking hold of the metal bars of his cage so he could lean against it and stare insanely at the much taller ex-invader. "Hmmmmmmmm?" He sounded questioningly, tilting his head slowly to the side.

"If you want I could leave you here with this "charming" merchant. Since he's treating you oh so well." Zim replied sarcastically to the human. Dib had changed a lot since they'd last met. He swore a lot more and the look on his face was almost frightening, especially with the dead looking eye seeming to stare at him when it obviously couldn't.

"Personally I don't give a shit whether you leave me here or not, I'm pretty sure he's treating me a lot better than you'd ever consider." Dib replied, his grip tightening on the bars to the point where his knuckles were white. He pressed his forehead against the bars to glare more effectively at the irken leader, he was hoping to scare away the other, he would let anyone else in the universe have him..just not this irken.

The merchant raised the whip from his bag once he'd finally found it and cracked it against the teen's cheek. "I'm sorry my tallest, he hasn't been like this for months." He said before cracking the human once more.

Dib let out a loud yelp when he felt the strike of the whip against his cheek and he fell back, that's when he felt the second crack against his shoulder. He let out a small whimper as the blood began pouring down his already bloodstained skin and he glared at the merchant for hurting him before he retreated to the back of his cage like the "good little slave" that he was.

Zim felt a spike of anger jolt through him when he saw the human fall away in a pain that he hadn't caused, how dare this merchant mark his property. Though he kept his expression bland and leadership like as he glanced over to the salesman, "If you want me to take back my money I suggest you continue damaging my human." He said calmly.

"I-I apologize my tallest." The merchant said before bowing low to the tall irken. Most people loved to watch him whip the boy, it caused them some kind of exhilaration, but the tallest seemed to be almost possessive of the human. He straightened up cautiously, before tossing the whip aside, but who was he to judge the leader of his planet and several others?

"That's better," The black clad tallest said before holding out his hand expectantly, "Now I would like the keys so I can unlock the cage"

The merchant's eyes widened at the tall irken's request, "U-Unlock the cage my tallest? But that would be extremely dangerous, this human can be very violent at times." He said though he took out the key from around his belt and handed it to the tall irken, it was not wise to go against the tallest, but he would at least warn him.

"I know," Zim replied simply as he looked the key over, after deeming that it was indeed the right key he walked over to the cage and stuck it in the lock. He looked up at the human who was still huddled in the corner, to make sure that he would not try anything that the tallest could not counter when the cage was unlocked. When he was pretty sure that it was safe he turned the key and a resounding click sounded when the lock finally came undone and it fell to the ground with a thud.

When the human heard the thud he sprang to life and threw himself at the cage door, bursting out of it and onto the dirty floor. He quickly jumped up and was about to run off when he felt a hard tug to his scythe lock which had him falling to the ground once more with a pained yelp.

"Someone's eager to get back to the ship." Zim said tauntingly as he pulled the human to his feet by his hair, "It's too bad the ship is the other way." He finished before glancing back over to the wide eyed merchant, "Do you have some form of collar I could use for him?" He finally asked in the merchant's language.

"O-of course my tallest." The merchant replied before digging through his bags. He finally came back with a red dog collar and matching leash, he had found both on the same planet as the human, and both were leather so it should be hard to break them. The salesman walked over to the struggling human before snapping the humiliating restraining devices on him. "Here you are my tallest," He finally said as he triumphantly handed the leash to the tall irken.

"Excellent." The black clad tallest said as he took the leash into his hand, he smiled wickedly at the humiliated human before finally releasing his hair.

The teen fell with a pained groan to the ground, collapsing to his knees as he glared up at the tall irken, how dare he put a leash on him. Though little did both of them know that the teen had put up with such humiliation with his sister, and he could easily take off things much harder than a dog collar. He'd have to wait until neither of them were looking though.

"You can go on doing..whatever it is you do." The tallest said, waving a hand dismissively to the salesman before he began pulling the human back in the direction of his private ship.He'd been on the black market planet long enough and gotten exactly what he'd come for, so of course he was going to return to the Massive now.

The teen made an unattractive gagging sound when he was suddenly pulled off of his feet by the leash and dragged across the ground. He dug his fingers under the dog collar to keep from suffocating as he tried to stand. What the hell was the irken thinking, buying him and then immediately trying to kill him? After a couple of failed attempts he finally made it to his feet, and he was left coughing and rubbing at his sour throat as he followed the irken by foot. This was just so stupid, the only reason he was being bought by the irken was probably to have dangerous equipment tested on him or something of the sort.

The irken chuckled softly when the human finally made it to his feet, but other than that he had no reaction. After YEARS of searching he finally had everything he wanted. Becoming tallest and ruling for the remainder of Impending Doom 2 had been the easiest thing to do on his to do list seeing as all he'd done to become tallest was make a couple of tweaks to his PAK which made him grow unnaturally fast until he was of course only a few inches taller than the old tallest.

During his reign he'd saved earth as the last planet to conquer, to symbolize some kind of bittersweet victory, and he'd originally planned  to travel down to the earth's surface to take Dib up to the massive where he would be forced to watch his planet's downfall from a safe distance, but when they'd finally arrived at earth the human had been missing for several weeks.

The earth had been destroyed and made a wasteland by the massive out of the tallests anger for losing his human, then he'd gone on a "vacation", seeing as it was tradition that after a conquest the tallest would take a long break. Though during his vacation he'd done anything BUT take a break, he'd spent the entire time searching for the single human, and now he finally had him.

Dib, having noticed that the irken was lost deep in thought, began trying to remove the restraining contraption around his neck. Though he found that his once nimble fingers struggled with the small metal clasp. Had it really been that long since he'd done something like this? He was finally able to pull the small metal clasp up and he was about to remove it when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and he fell forward with a pained groan.

"I suggest you stop trying to escape Dib-Beast." The tallest said annoyedly as he yanked the human back to his feet, he made sure the collar was still securely strapped around Dib's neck before he continued walking.

"What'd you expect me to do, follow you like a "good little human"?" The teen asked sarcastically as he followed the irken once again on foot, though his voice was hoarse from the harsh attention his throat had been receiving.

"Yes...but this is much more fun." Zim replied with a harsh laugh, yanking on the leash once more just for fun.

The teen, having been ready for it this time held steady, only stumbling slightly at the harsh yank. "You're an ass, you know that right?" Dib grumbled as the large ship that could only be Zim's came into view.

"Yes, I did already know that Dib-Slave." The tallest replied as he pulled out a set of keys, he raised the keys in the air and pointed them at the ship, clicking a small button on them. This caused the door to fly open with a hiss, revealing two guards who were stationed at the door. They bowed low to the tall irken as he entered the ship before closing the door behind him.

The teen grumbled unhappily as his only escape route was blocked off, but he couldn't help but marvel at the vastness of such a ship. Even the tallest's private ship was rather large. The main area was of course a rest area with of course a couch and TV..not to mention a snack bar and it was all so...clean. Cleanliness was something the teen hadn't known for a while and he felt out of place in his stained skinny jeans and greasy hair.

The tall irken whistled loudly and a single medium sized irken approached him before saluting respectfully, "Clean up this human and give him his set of clean clothing, make him presentable for me." He commanded and the shorter irken nodded before taking the leash from him. "And be careful, he can be rather...feisty." Zim said before disappearing off into a different room.

"Yes my tallest," The slave irken said, bowing respectfully to the retreating leader before dragging the human off to do as he was told.
Hey guess what a new story!
Yeah I know I have a lot more stories I should be working on but this popped into my head and wouldn't go away >.<

Based off of the idea that Zim has become tallest and has been searching for the human to take him in as a slave, he has finally found him...what will happen next?
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