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December 11, 2009
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        "Dib?" asked a strangely soft voice over the device in the human's hand.

        "What is it space-boy?" Dib asked spitefully. He hated the irken, and how the alien had gotten his phone number was beyond him.

        "Dib, Do you think," There was a short pause and a shuddered breath could be heard from the cell phone, "Dib do you think I'm a good invader?" The irk finally asked.

        "What does that have to do with anything?" The human asked irritatedly after a long pause. The alien was always so vague and it ticked him off almost as much as the alien's screaming.

        "I just have to know." Zim replied softly, trying to keep his voice level and calm.

         "Well if you must know, I think you're a horrible invader and I wish you'd just get off this fucking planet. Now leave me alone so I can get some sleep." The teen snapped, letting his thumb hover over the 'end call' button.

        The irken sucked in a sharp gasp as though he'd been hurt physically. He'd been ready for the human to say no, but to swear at him and just brush him aside was another matter. His body trembled as he tried to hold back his tears and he closed his eyes to regain his composure. "Alright." He whispered, his voice sounding broken, "Goodnight Dib."

        "Whatever." The human mumbled irritatedly as he shut the phone with a loud snap, mumbling about how stupid the alien was acting.

        "I love you." Zim whispered more to himself. He finally let the tears he'd been holding back all day spill over his cheeks. The alien shut the phone with a less harsh sound and extended the hand holding it out in front of him. He let the phone slide from his grip and it fell. It fell the 200 feet down before plunging into a river of icy cold water.

        The alien stepped up onto the first rung of the bridge's railing, letting the soft wind tickle at is face. He had always called the planet horrible and ugly but in truth he thought it couldn't have been more beautiful. The vast forests and oceans, the sunsets and the nights of watching the stars by himself; they were all beautiful.

        He let his right claw rest on the beam next to him to steady himself as he stepped up onto the next rung. 'How ironic,' he thought to himself, 'that I would die doing a human tradition.' He had heard the word a thousand times in movies and even mentioned among the more depressed teens at the hi skool, but he never thought he would do such a thing as suicide. The alien had always thought that the people who committed suicide were stupid, but now he knew their pain. He understood the pain of every last one of them.

        He looked down at his pocket making sure that the note he'd written was secure. The irken knew the humans would find his body. He just hoped they would find the note and give it to dib. The only thing on the note that was in English was Dib's name and the rest was in irken. He was sure the human could read it, no he was more than sure. The human's obsession with is language and other aspects of his culture were almost frightening, yet at the same time flattering, so he knew the human could read it.

        He let both of his feet rest on the top rung of the barrier between him and the watery abyss below. The only thing that could stop him now was Dib himself, but he knew the human would not come to save him. The human wouldn't have come if he'd known what the alien was doing. In fact when he found out he'd probably throw a party, and that was the thing that hurt worst of all. The fact that the human did not care for him at all and probably never would…was the thing that caused Zim to finally take the last step.

        He plunged through the air and the world became a blur of color. The harsh wind whipped the wig from his head and he smiled at the exhilarating feeling. The water was coming up fast, but Zim still saw the reflection of the stars and moon. 'Dib loves the stars.' He thought to himself before he plunged face first into the freezing cold water.

        There was a few seconds of agony as Zim's pak tried to heal him, but the water was eating at him like acid. For those few seconds he knew nothing but pain and he wanted to scream but when he opened his mouth the water came rushing into his lungs and it hurt more. Eventually the device on his back became too waterlogged to function and it shut down.
Anyway after I finish the ending you guys will get to find out the other reason why he killed himself, what the note says, and what Dib's reaction will be. (I made Dib look like an ass lol)

This was semi inspired by the lyrics to a song by Atreyu...don't know the exact name but here's the part that inspired it.

Standing on the edge,
battle in my head,
I'm dying to know
I'm dying to know

If I take this leap,
to fail or succeed,
I'm dying to know
I'm dying to know

This is it, I've shaken.
My body's aching,
I lose my hold,
I will let go.
This is it, I'm falling.
My wings need to grow.
I lose my hold,
I will let go.
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